What do cooks and photographs share?



Photography and cooking are creative art skills, which you both as a professional and on the job. Although you may decide to become a professional in either of the two fields, your success is dependent on the touch of creativeness and innovation. You learn both skills on the job by trying various ideas and concepts to ensure you master the art of production of quality.

What makes a good photographer or a cook? The answer all lies in the product. A chef will be renowned for his skill in making tasty and delicious meals. Similarly, a photographer will be famous when his images make everyone guessing on either the type of camera or the camera tricks of the photographer. The similarities of these two niches include


Visual outlook

You may not have to go to a formal school to make delicious meals or take high-quality photographs. At the same time, people have to taste your meals and look at the setting and display of the food to gauge the perfectness of the meals. The success of the two professions lies in the physical appearance of the end products. They are hands-on skills that need a third-party approval to determine your efficiency.

Use of the tools of trade

The strength of these professions entirely lies on the tools of the trade. You may be the best photographer but the type of camera you use may be a letdown. Why not choose this instead, go-pro alternative instead to avoid disappointments? Conversely, an automated espresso machine brews a tastier coffee drink than a normal charcoal banner because of the poor control of pressure and temperature which highly determines the concentration of the stimulant.

Photography for moving objects needs a camera of high focus, similarly, well moist cake need a regulated temperature and vacuum only got from the specific type of ovens.

Education background

When you decide to have to take either of these skills as a profession, you need to have an education background to meet the demand of a diverse market. You want to work as a chef in a five-star hotel. You need to learn about customer care and some nutritional information as well as the recipes of different races to suit different races.

As the camera man of a media company, you need to learn various rules and regulations of journalism to ensure you do not infringe the rights of your audience as you also take care of the emotional aspect of the viewers. All these you have to learn from a formal set up and from professionals.

Creativity and innovation

Yes, you have undergone all the training, one main thing about these professions they do not have a definite route or angle of work. Every day comes with its own share of challenges, which you have to adopt and customize to suit the prevailing conditional while you also take care of company policies and rules of the land.

A camera is a beginner’s buddy, the rest of the function you tend to learn the more you use it for diverse functions. Photographers and cooks share creativity and innovation which is sharpened through education of the same fields. They are critical thinkers due to diversity in their jobs.

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