Water Softener for Cleaning Fruits & Vegetables

Hard water is full of impurities making it hard to wash safely and use detergents since it forms a layer of scum making the whole process even tougher. To save time hard water is softened by removing calcium and magnesium ions and many other impurities.

Waging of fruits and vegetables is sensitive since its directly linked to consumer’s health. It’s vital that we use soft clean water which no impurities or dirt at all. In this case, the water has to be softened. Water softeners are readily in the market these days.

While this might sound like a task that only companies are capable to do; well it is not. There are several machines out here that make water softening easier and they can also be installed at home. Making it easy to access soft water for washing fruits and vegetables readily available. Soft water is also healthier.

Here are some of the key factors to consider before buying a water softener;

The amount of soft water you need to wash fruits and vegetables

The water softener should be able to generate enough amount of water to cater to the washing process. It should also be consistent. A large water softening machine that will be able to generate a lot of water and on the long term without being depleted will be the best to have around.


Consider a simple water softening machine that will use the ion process to eliminate all the impurities in hard water. This is easy to maintain at all times and also very affordable compared to other complex water softening machines.

Cost of installation and maintenance

This one of the factors that you always have to keep in mind. The machine must fall within budget and be able to cater for the maintenance cost. It would be pointless to have a machine you cant maintain.


This is always a factor when it comes to buying any machine. An environmentally friendly machine is the most recommended. This benefits both you and the environment health-wise accordingly.


Your lifestyle comes as a factor too. How often do you wash fruits and vegetables? How often will you need softened water for this specific use?
What amount of water do you need for this exercise? how to choose a water softener? Ask yourself these questions and you`ll have the perfect water softening machine that would suit you perfectly.


Water softeners vary in size choose one that will suit you


Some are manual and some are automatic. Automatic ones sound better and match with the current technology. It also depends on your preference .

You might be a little hesitant about getting one of these water softening machines, but in assuring you the benefits are long term. While boiling water is another manual water softening process, it takes a lot of time and energy and its not efficient. Using soft water to wash fruits down the manual work that comes with using all these other methods such as the use of vinegar, the soaking process and it also eliminates the worry of having contaminating water to use in washing fruits and vegetables.

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