Top 5 Recipes with Coffee as Main Ingredients

No doubt, coffee is a great beverage, whether it’s giving you that extra boost to put in a few extra hours at work, or just genuinely keeping you refreshed and cozy. But did you know that coffee is one of the most desirable ingredients around? One proof is mocha; a perfectly perfect blend of chocolate and coffee that offers a taste that is out of this world, literally. That’s just one example. The simple truth is that, coffee is a great additive as an ingredient and its natural richness of roasted bitterness and acidity is an ideal complement to the sweet, earthy and nutty taste of others. Together, they make up excellent recipes that everyone only deems as exotic. Here are the top 5 recipes with coffee as main ingredients. If you are a coffee lover and in need of the best coffee machine for personal or for commercial use, you can check some of the best product reviewed here or check out

Jamaican Coffee brownies served with pecans

Easy to prepare and a nice treat for a relaxing afternoon, these brownies have been known to offer a rich taste of chocolate. This is made possible by a unique mix of Jamaican coffee and toasted pecans that also add a sweet crunch to the dish. Note, its Jamaican coffee used here, not just any type of coffee reason being that Jamaican coffee has a less bitter taste as compared to others. This only makes the brownies all the more yummy and satisfying.

Coffee-Rubbed Cheeseburgers with Texas Barbecue Sauce

According to most reviews, nothing trumps over cheeseburgers, with special emphasis to this one right here. Most especially, the addition of coffee to it, is what makes it all the more mouthwatering and irresistible. More so, coffee that is freshly ground has the unnerving capability to bring out the taste of the rub spice in the burger including all of its herbal flavors. In addition, it subtly adds texture to the burger as a whole.

Short Ribs Braised in Coffee Ancho Chile Sauce

This particular recipe is used by professional chefs to infuse the rich natural taste of chiles with short ribs, or even fillet beef using the derived flavor of roasted coffee. A whole new taste dimension is obtained and the succulent nature of beef is still maintained. If you take this and serve it with (or over) polenta, then you are in for a nice treat.

Mocha (Affogato)

More often than not, coffee is desirable when it’s hot and steamy, but other variants like affogato mocha, give you an option to explore the other side of that coin; ice cold coffee. Not exactly ice cold coffee, though, because affogato mocha is a cocktail version of coffee. Actually, affogato as par Italian reference is a sort of ice cream, and for this particular variant (affogato mocha) to be realized, affogato is mixed with excess espresso to give you a sweet creamy taste.

Short ribs marinated with coffee

A meat-coffee combo is not as strange as you’d expect, since first of all, coffee has an acidic flavor. Therefore, if you have some beef or ribs with it, the dish is naturally enjoyable. However, coffee is preferably sweetened with a bit of maple syrup to make it a bit sweet, but that’s not the only reason. Coffee and maple syrup, combine into a sauce, which is tasty and perfect for meat.

There you go, top 5 recipes with coffee as main ingredients. All of these recipes (and others) are all the more worthwhile when you have some wine on the side, so pick up a proper bottle and enjoy.

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