The role of food for gun shooter


Shooting at a target is not an easy task. Depending on the type of gun and an assortment of scopes, first, you have to be flexible enough to take any position based on the level of your target and you need to have the knowledge to have your guns and accessories always safe by getting safes for storing purposes. This knowledge about guns is very important. At one point, you will bend, stand, scroll, and squat just to hit the target to avoid wasting bullets. To manage all these while holding your gun, you need your body to stay fit. Body fitness is a combination of exercise and a good diet. You need to eat a balanced diet but concentrate more on proteins to build muscles and reduce fat, which leads to weight gain. Some of the recommended diet includes

 Lean proteins

Proteins are the main body building blocks responsible for repair and maintenance of the basic unit of a human body (body cells). The amino acids found in the body helps supply the right amount of macronutrients responsible for preventing deficiency syndromes, which make the body of a gun shooter unhealthy to continue with firing operations. Plant proteins (beans) and animal proteins(meat) are the best examples.


A gun shooter requires muscular strength, flexibility, agility and muscular power to maintain a longer duration of shooting especially when dealing with a runway enemy. It also requires a shooter to run after the target while shooting at the same time. This is a physical intensive activity that needs energy. Carbohydrates are energy giving foods to provide calories that are converted to energy. They are found in grains and wheat, which is a source of starch.


To stay healthy as a shooter your body should be able to fight diseases on its own, that means your immune system should be great. Vitamins help in the repair of body tissues and connecting tissues due making wounds to heal faster for the next shooting event. Carrots, tomatoes, and potatoes are some examples.


The intense physical activity involved in gun shooting makes individual loose water from the body through sweat, increasing production of lactic acid responsible which causes pain and inflammation. Water come in handy to hydrate a shooter and return the body to normalcy and stays healthy for further military-like operations.


Fruits enhance the metabolism of a shooter such that they are able to reduce toxic from the body and allow easy digestion of consumed meals for faster conversion to energy and muscle strength required to sustain the strong physical activity. In addition, each fruit has a specific purpose on the body. Watermelon is ideal for increasing the amount of iron while oranges are a source of vitamin C. The overall effect is increased blood flow to the heart to help manage the shooting operations since it reduces fatigue.

“You are what you eat” when a gun shooter cannot maintain a fierce battle, the first remedy is to change the diet. A gun shooter should avoid unhealthy fats and oils because it leads to increased body weight of a shooter making him less flexible for shooting. Whole meals and grains are more advisable when taking carbohydrates. Ask yourself, how military men and women manage their diet when out in the jungle protecting our borders and airspace.

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