Kitchen Talk: What is the Best Cooler Dispenser?

Water is an essential commodity for both domestic and commercial use. You have to take care if the kind of water you consume for it has an impact on your overall health. A cooler dispenser is a must-have kitchen appliance for any household. It gives the ability not only to get clean water but also saves you the hassle of getting water from the kitchen especially when you have guests. Before you purchase this gadget you have to scrutinize the available features of the cooler dispenser. The most important features are the upgrade options for the filter system to make sure that you have the state of the art filter system for your water consumption. Some of the most common features of the best cooler dispenser include

Temperature regulator

The pride of a cooler dispenser is the fact that you can get cold or hot water in just a press of a button. Although others in the market lack the cooler system, they are cheap but in case you need to have the water of extreme temperatures then you need to have a dispenser with both loaders which include a water heater and refrigeration system for hot and cold water respectively.

Leak guard

Remember the water bottle is irreplaceable. Once the water bottle leaks then you do not have a dispenser since it will lack the ability to hold water. You need to have a dispenser with a leak guard to prevent this menace. Besides, bottled water should be leakproof.


This is an appliance that you place strategically in the living room or the dining area. It has to depict a touch of class in its design. Depending on the color theme of the living room, you can opt for white black or silver color of the cool dispenser with a design that pleases your eyes.

LED night light

What happens when you are in the dark and you do not want to switch I the light to access the dispenser? This is the purpose of this additional feature. It helps to enhance vision in the dark moments without water spillage.

Child safety lock

This is an appliance that should be accessed by even children. However, there is a challenge, they may be curious now that they are in the exploration stage such that they misuse it. It can even be hazardous to them, It is advisable to get a cool dispenser with a child lock safety especially on the hot water chambers to prevent accidents from water burns.


This is a feature that drives most of the cool dispenser buyers to go for a renowned brand that never compromises on water safety. You need to get a dispenser with all the necessary certifications to be sure that you consume the best water that has passed all the health checks.

There are many factors that you need to consider when getting a cool dispenser. Apart from just the basic features the additional features now depend on the purpose, location and the need of the appliance in your home.

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