Chicken soup recipe

 Chicken soup always becomes a wonderful dish to try. This kind of soup is absolutely easy to make and yet the delicious taste of it always makes us yearn to taste it again and again. Well, you might wonder what you could taste this wonderful soup only at the restaurant or at nearby café. On the other side, you could always try to make it by yourself with the same taste served by them though; it has never been that difficult to make a homemade chicken soup actually. With the only ordinary ingredients like carrot, celery, onion, salt, pepper, etc and obviously chicken, you could make your own chicken soup that is really good for your body and soul. You would only need 10 minutes in preparation and 20 minutes in the cooking process after all and with the standard portion of the ingredient, you could serve it for ten people. So, if you are pretty curious about this homemade chicken soup, here is the chicken soup recipe which is pretty applicable and easy to follow.

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