Spruce up Your Kitchen with These Inexpensive Tips

A beautiful kitchen is one of those things everybody wants to have when they’re super-rich.  But does it have to be that much of a luxury? Here we’ve compiled inexpensive tips to spruce up your kitchen with and make it look a million bucks.

Inexpensive Tips to Make Your Kitchen Look Clean and Expensive

Making your kitchen look clean and impressive is helpful in so many ways. For starters, arranging your cabinets, appliances, and other things can help with detecting risks of fire hazards early. You’ll also be able to observe other warning signs before things get out of hand.

Here are some tips to spruce up your kitchen at no cost:

1. Relocate Odd Objects

Relocating odd objects looks pretty straight-forward, but many people often violate this simple rule. You can get your kitchen to look exactly how you desire by removing objects that don’t belong there. You can go further to inform family, friends, or roommates about the need to take out or avoid altogether objects and activities that can lead to littering around the kitchen. Toothbrushes, tissue, sunglasses, headset, hairpins, and similar items do not belong in your kitchen.

2. Hide Small Machines and Appliances

Your small hand grinder, coffee maker, toasters, blender and ovens, food processor, microwave, and others may deserve to be in the kitchen. However, if you’re not going to make use of it at a time, consider keeping it out of sight. The kitchen cabinets are made just for that.

3. Select and Organize Your Dishes and Appliances

It helps significantly to sort all plates and wares in the kitchen. You may have gifts and wares from loved ones that mean more than wares to you, but you can do well to take it out of the kitchen and keep it in the pantry. Separate the old, unused appliances and take them out of the kitchen.

Also, select the types of dishes that are more frequently used and get the rest out of your kitchen, at least out of sight.

4. Clear Dishes Regularly

A sink full of dirty dishes isn’t pleasing to anyone.  Set up a routine to regularly get plates out of the sink. You may want to discuss this with your roommate or family during the next meal. After all, a kitchen upgrade is helpful for everyone.

5. Paint Your Doors, Walls, and Cabinet Doors

Now that you’ve sorted your kitchen, and you have nothing hanging around unnecessarily, the next step is to make your kitchen aesthetically pleasing. A great move would be to paint your kitchen door, wall, and cabinet. Also, paint your walls if the cover looks old already. You can consult a professional painter, and if the cost is high, just go about it your own way.

6. Use Bright Colors for Painting

A bright color like white and grey on the walls, doors, and cabinets beautifies the kitchen. Bright colors make spaces wider, more substantial, and more exotic.

7. Illuminate the Space

Light is an essential part of any exotic interior design. Make the beauty of the furniture, wall painting, and surface of your kitchen space further highlighted with lots of lights. A well-illuminated space makes you and everyone coming into the kitchen have a comfortable atmosphere.

8. Get Creative

Having some of the appliances and hardware replaced with glassware can transform any kitchen space. Also, you can introduce artworks in strategic locations. It’s a great choice if you can afford it. One of its benefits is making your kitchen look spacious and adding a sense of liveliness and sophistication.  Also, you do not have to use standard lighting in your kitchen, track lighting and pendant lights can go well too.

9. Polish and Spray Surfaces

Polishing surfaces can be tricky. Getting the wrong types of polish on your furniture can do more harm than good. Consider using semi-solid polishes, often called paste wax, if you can find one.

10. Repair or Replace Hardware

If your kitchen or cabinet door is worn out and looking more than a paint can fix, then consider a repair or make a replacement. Taking out old worn-out hardware for new ones or just refinishing them will give your kitchen a lovely fresh look. If you feel great to get things fixed yourself, you can rent or get tools and start fixing away.

For instance, if you’re fixing metals yourself, apply caution by using quality hand gloves with extreme heat resistance before starting. You can also get odor-resistant insole boots to ensure even more protection.

11. Protect the Wall against Splash

The wall directly behind our stoves often gets the biggest hits from our daily frying. There are many affordable ways to prevent this from occurring. Adding a layer of rectangular water-resistant painting just behind the stove, and cleaning after use can help. A thick paper, glass, or a sheet of tile can equally serve as a good alternative.

12. Refinish the Floor

You can give the final touch to your kitchen by refinishing the ground surface based on the type of floor. Improve wooden floors with new coats, clean vinyl sheet flooring, or tiles. Other inexpensive options to spruce up your kitchen include the laminate plank, hardwood floor, and ceramic tiles.

Now that you have all these essential tips go ahead and put your knowledge to practice.


Housekeeping Tips on Revamping Your Refrigerator and Freezer

You want to clean out and organize your refrigerator or freezer, huh? You’ve got those crisper drawers that aren’t so clean; shelves with a build-up of crustiness from chicken juice, ketchup, and any food item you put in them. Also, having a fridge or freezer that’s so cluttered you’ve to sweat to fetch an item isn’t the best thing.

Now, I’m going to show you how to clean and revamp your fridge like a pro. You can give your refrigerator that fresh smell, with no stickiness or clutter anywhere. First, we’re going to focus on cleaning the fridge, and then move to the freezer. Let’s begin.

Why Use the Refrigerator?

The refrigerator, or simply fridge, helps us preserve our meals and food items at a cold temperature. We put all kinds of food items in there: mustard, chocolate syrup, bananas, avocados, butter, cooking oil, fruits, eggs, cheese, and even some medications.

Also, the fridge makes for a great place to store any grilled meat leftovers, like hamburgers and hotdogs. You can take out, defrost and grill to a temperature of 165oC before eating them. The grill you choose will depend on your needs and fuel type preference.

If you love meal prepping, and want to have healthy meals at all times, keeping your food in the freezer can slow down bacteria growth. So how do you maintain proper fridge hygiene? Cleaning is an essential way to do so, and here’s how to go about it:

1.   Take Everything Out

  • The first thing to do is empty the fridge. Don’t be selective with the items you remove; just get everything out of it.
  • If you don’t want to plug out the fridge, you can turn off the cooling mechanism.
  • To make the task easier, work from top to bottom, and ensure you don’t forget anything in it.
  • Then remove the baskets, bins, and shelves. Do this carefully, so you don’t break any of them, especially if you’ve never done this before.
  • Arrange everything on the counter so you can easily put them back when you’re done cleaning.

2.   Pre-Treat

  • The next step is to pre-treat the fridge interior with an all-purpose cleaner.
  • Then sprinkle the trays, shelves, and bins with some baking soda, alongside, the multi-purpose cleaner. This will provide some abrasion, deodorization, as well as stain removal.

3.   Clean the Fridge

  • Now, it’s time to get to clean the fridge properly. You’ll need a microfiber cloth and a cleaning brush.
  • Work your way through the fridge, cleaning from top to bottom, left to right.
  • Spray any area before wiping with the cloth to make it easier for any stain to come off.
  • The cleaning toothbrush will find its way into the little grooves, particularly in drawers and shelves. There could be some chunk of food drips you can’t get out except with the help of a little brush.
  • Clean the gaskets, the little rubber seals around the door, which could get dirty over time. Use your toothbrush to scrub them, and wipe with your microfiber cloth.
  • Also, wipe the door hinges clean.

4.   Wash the Bins, Shelves, and Drawers

  • You’ll need a double-sided sponge for this one. Dampen it, and wash the bins, shelves, and drawers. This task doesn’t take so much time, especially if you pre-treated the items. Also, the baking soda helps a lot in getting rid of any chunky stuff in them.
  • For convenience, clean the items one at a time, dry, and put back into the refrigerator. It’s essential to dry the items thoroughly before putting them back into the fridge. That will prevent them from dripping water into the refrigerator.
  • Again, you want to be very careful when doing this, as the cost of replacement is quite high if you happen to break any. If you have any glass panels, you have to be extra careful and slow when cleaning them.
  • For adamant stains in your bins due to prolonged build-up, a combination of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide can go a long way in removing them.

5.   Put Everything Back

I’m sure your fridge now looks nice and clean. The next and final step is putting everything back in, and how you do this is very important. A vital aspect of revamping your refrigerator is ensuring it’s not cluttered. It’s also an excellent opportunity to take stock of the things you have and make a mental note of the things you need.

Before putting anything back in, ask yourself, “Do I still need this? Is it still edible?” That way, you can get rid of those items that don’t need to be in there, giving your fridge more space. Ensure to wipe the bottom of every container before replacing it.

When you’re done, put the refrigerator back on. Viola! You have a revamped refrigerator.

Cleaning the Freezer

The freezer stores food at a much lower temperature than the refrigerator and is great for long term storage. So how do you clean the freezer? Just like with the refrigerator, you have to ensure everything is properly cleaned out. 

  • Take everything out of the freezer, and put them in a cooler with ice in it.
  • Thoroughly scrub the bottom of the freezer using hot water and soap or distilled white vinegar.
  • Then spray the cleaning solution (of hot water and soap) on the sides, bins, and ice trays, and wipe with a microfiber cloth. Scrub with a brush if need be.
  • Once you’re done cleaning, dry it out, and put everything back.


How often should you clean your refrigerator? Although many people dread the task, where we keep our food has to be spotless. How frequently you clean it will depend on how deep the cleaning is. Ensure to wipe up any spill every day, and throw away leftovers and bad items every week. For the deep cleaning we’ve discussed, do so at least once every three months.


Water Softener for Cleaning Fruits & Vegetables

Hard water is full of impurities making it hard to wash safely and use detergents since it forms a layer of scum making the whole process even tougher. To save time hard water is softened by removing calcium and magnesium ions and many other impurities.

Waging of fruits and vegetables is sensitive since its directly linked to consumer’s health. It’s vital that we use soft clean water which no impurities or dirt at all. In this case, the water has to be softened. Water softeners are readily in the market these days.

While this might sound like a task that only companies are capable to do; well it is not. There are several machines out here that make water softening easier and they can also be installed at home. Making it easy to access soft water for washing fruits and vegetables readily available. Soft water is also healthier.

Here are some of the key factors to consider before buying a water softener;

The amount of soft water you need to wash fruits and vegetables

The water softener should be able to generate enough amount of water to cater to the washing process. It should also be consistent. A large water softening machine that will be able to generate a lot of water and on the long term without being depleted will be the best to have around.


Consider a simple water softening machine that will use the ion process to eliminate all the impurities in hard water. This is easy to maintain at all times and also very affordable compared to other complex water softening machines.

Cost of installation and maintenance

This one of the factors that you always have to keep in mind. The machine must fall within budget and be able to cater for the maintenance cost. It would be pointless to have a machine you cant maintain.


This is always a factor when it comes to buying any machine. An environmentally friendly machine is the most recommended. This benefits both you and the environment health-wise accordingly.


Your lifestyle comes as a factor too. How often do you wash fruits and vegetables? How often will you need softened water for this specific use?
What amount of water do you need for this exercise? how to choose a water softener? Ask yourself these questions and you`ll have the perfect water softening machine that would suit you perfectly.


Water softeners vary in size choose one that will suit you


Some are manual and some are automatic. Automatic ones sound better and match with the current technology. It also depends on your preference .

You might be a little hesitant about getting one of these water softening machines, but in assuring you the benefits are long term. While boiling water is another manual water softening process, it takes a lot of time and energy and its not efficient. Using soft water to wash fruits down the manual work that comes with using all these other methods such as the use of vinegar, the soaking process and it also eliminates the worry of having contaminating water to use in washing fruits and vegetables.


Importance Of Water Softeners

If the water in your neighborhood hard, it is important that your family or business owns a water softener. You should know that hard water contains a lot of minerals and minerals, and this makes them dangerous for a person’s health. Hard water can cause a myriad of minor problems that can cause serious problems if it is not rectified as early as possible. Therefore, if the water you drink or use for cleaning is hard, then you are obviously exposing yourself and your loved ones to those spare minerals and metals which are definitely a health hazard.

Hard water inhibits the effectiveness of detergents. A standard household or commercial dishwasher will have a wash cycle of 2 to 3 minutes. In order to ensure maximum efficiency when washing your dishes and other utensils, it is very important to use softened water. Washing dishes using hard water in a commercial dishwasher will fail to clean the plates properly and leave a powdery residue on your plate, this residue is made up of magnesium and calcium, which will later soften and remain on the dishes, making them look dull and unclean, rather than sparkling as if it was new.

Hard water is also quite hostile to your household appliances. It creates unwanted scratches and accumulations in your water system, and can also go to the extent of blocking your pipes. using a water softener will remove these unsafe elements from the running water in your pipeline. Likewise, with the softener, the water will turn soft and the potential health hazards will be eliminated. The water softener works by redressing the balance of elements as water travels through your home’s plumbing system. In order to avoid this problem when cleaning your dishes, the Water softener is what you need.

Normally we usually use soap to clean our dishes, well soaps are made from a mixture of chemicals and compounds, which will react with the extra minerals found in hard water to form another complex and harmful compound which remains on your skin. Yes, you read this right. There is a heavy sticky chemical which will remain on your skin, preventing it from being clean and bright. So, to keep your skin healthy and prevent it from any damage caused by using hard water, Opt for a water softener to make sure your skin get what is best.

if your home or catering business is in an area with hard water, which, to be honest, covers most of the world, you’ll need to invest in a water softeners to make sure you get value for money from your commercial dishwasher. If you are looking for a cheap and fast water disinfectant, you can use a 12-liter hand sanitizer, which comes at a reasonable price and is affordable. To get the best softener that will not waste your hard earned money, you should look for water softener reviews first. In this way, you will obtain reliable information and at the same time, you will be able to compare the different softeners available out there.


Power Food of Welders

Welding is definitely a hard work in which thousands of people all over the world are engaged in. In the construction industry welding works are unavoidable since a vast majority of the components used in this industry are made of iron. The quality of the welding is heavily dependent on the skill level of the welder. Even experienced welders can commit mistakes if they are handicapped by the absence of proper food and drinking items. In other words, the quality and power of food help a welder deliver good quality welding service.


It is difficult to identify certain foods which are favored by welders since welders in different countries have different food habits. However, it can be generally concluded that welders normally like heavy food since their profession is hard labor oriented. It will be difficult for them to consume light foods and still able to work continuously over a longer time period. At the same time, overeating is not advisable for welders since their profession demands extreme caution and vigil. If the welders overeat, they may experience fatigue and sleepiness during their work. Balanced, healthy, and moderate food items are necessary for keeping the physical health of the welders intact. Many of the welders usually work overtime in order to make more money. In such cases, it is necessary for them to consume enough food and beverages at regular intervals to keep their energy level at the optimum level.

Since welding is an act in which the welder experience a hot climate all the time because of the heat generated by the welding machine. Extreme hot conditions may cause dehydration to the welder. Therefore, it is necessary for him to consume drinks at regular intervals in order to avoid fatigue and dehydration. The selection of welding equipment is important for a welder to avoid fatigue dehydration as much as possible. For example, a welder usually wears a helmet on his head as a personal protective equipment in order to shield his eyes, face, and neck from potentially dangerous infrared and ultraviolet rays produced by the welding machine. Moreover, it helps him to avoid contact with the debris and hot slag produced at the time of welding. Another unnoticed function of welding helmet is to keep the head of the welder cooler as much as possible. In order to accomplish this, it is necessary for the welding helmet to have good quality featured padding inside. A good quality padding inside the welding helmet would help the welder to concentrate more on his work for a longer period. In the absence of such padding, he will be forced to take off the helmet quite regularly and consume more beverages in order to keep his head and body cooler as much as possible. In other words, the quality of the padding inside the welding helmet can play a vital role in deciding the food and drinking habits of the welder. If the head is overheated due to the poor quality of padding of the helmet, the welder will be forced to consume cool drinks as much as possible.

To conclude, overeating is not advisable for welders although it is necessary for them to eat balanced food.




What do cooks and photographs share?



Photography and cooking are creative art skills, which you both as a professional and on the job. Although you may decide to become a professional in either of the two fields, your success is dependent on the touch of creativeness and innovation. You learn both skills on the job by trying various ideas and concepts to ensure you master the art of production of quality.

What makes a good photographer or a cook? The answer all lies in the product. A chef will be renowned for his skill in making tasty and delicious meals. Similarly, a photographer will be famous when his images make everyone guessing on either the type of camera or the camera tricks of the photographer. The similarities of these two niches include


Visual outlook

You may not have to go to a formal school to make delicious meals or take high-quality photographs. At the same time, people have to taste your meals and look at the setting and display of the food to gauge the perfectness of the meals. The success of the two professions lies in the physical appearance of the end products. They are hands-on skills that need a third-party approval to determine your efficiency.

Use of the tools of trade

The strength of these professions entirely lies on the tools of the trade. You may be the best photographer but the type of camera you use may be a letdown. Why not choose this instead, go-pro alternative instead to avoid disappointments? Conversely, an automated espresso machine brews a tastier coffee drink than a normal charcoal banner because of the poor control of pressure and temperature which highly determines the concentration of the stimulant.

Photography for moving objects needs a camera of high focus, similarly, well moist cake need a regulated temperature and vacuum only got from the specific type of ovens.

Education background

When you decide to have to take either of these skills as a profession, you need to have an education background to meet the demand of a diverse market. You want to work as a chef in a five-star hotel. You need to learn about customer care and some nutritional information as well as the recipes of different races to suit different races.

As the camera man of a media company, you need to learn various rules and regulations of journalism to ensure you do not infringe the rights of your audience as you also take care of the emotional aspect of the viewers. All these you have to learn from a formal set up and from professionals.

Creativity and innovation

Yes, you have undergone all the training, one main thing about these professions they do not have a definite route or angle of work. Every day comes with its own share of challenges, which you have to adopt and customize to suit the prevailing conditional while you also take care of company policies and rules of the land.

A camera is a beginner’s buddy, the rest of the function you tend to learn the more you use it for diverse functions. Photographers and cooks share creativity and innovation which is sharpened through education of the same fields. They are critical thinkers due to diversity in their jobs.


Top 5 Embroidery Design Ideas For Your Restaurant


Dharshini Embroidery is a nice method to decorate your restaurant and an excellent method to promote your restaurant business. If you are thinking special embroidery designs, there are plenty of designs which you possibly are not certain where to begin. But the options are unlimited and you can basically select from any kind of creation. If you are looking for certain special patterns, there are wonderful ideas which you can avail to work with. There are several design elements used to embroidered goods to create them extraordinary and effective to display your restaurant business.

3D effect:

One of the elements is puff embroidery. It avails a foam layer below the thread to provide sections of the embroidery a 3D effect. Using a puff impact to embroidery is not simply certain thing you can include to any kind of text or logo. To get the beautiful look, the design must be effectively planned out with many elements. You can make a puff embroidery design which will actually assist the business best on variety of restaurant materials.

Logo designs

The utilization of logo functions most effectively if you use to a single color. Tiny splashes of color do not possess sufficient thread to effectively facilitate the push and wear that arrives with the speed of a logo. Using the logo design to trait a single color will assist the thread remain in place longer. If you run a pizza restaurant, a pizza logo will be very effective than a pizza logo which trait pepperoni. Samples of strong logos which would be effective for this design include a red lobster for a seafood restaurant, a coffee mug for a cafe and a chicken drumstick for a chicken restaurant. This logo design will be excellent on employee hats and uniforms.

Text effect:

Rather than featuring the logo design, you can avail it on text impacts. The design will put additional force on text and can actually create attire pop on the design. Selecting the text you need to include the puff will create a major difference in the last design. One method to avail the design is with a one big initial. Like if the restaurant name is uncle john, you can feature a big puff U initial on attire pieces. If you are finding to highlight the full restaurant name, you can avail the design to display particular elements. The full name may be uncle john’s restaurant, est. 1999. The pizza portion of the text can be trait in style and the other remains like flat embroidery.

Hat designs:

The best piece to avail a design on is hat. Hat can actually is very appealing to the embroidery information and work excellently as a portion of the uniform. Additional designs can be kept on the back panel. This is the perfect area for a small model of the logo. You need to choose contrasting base and embroidered colors.

Pull off elements:

Rather than availing a design on logos or text, you can use to various accents on the restaurant attire. Communicate with the embroidery design firm to check out the best design.


Top 5 Recipes That You Can Make With Your Kids


Cooking with your kids is a great bonding experience. It helps them learn the basics of cooking at an early age. It’s important to hone your child’s interests so that they can improve their skills and increase their knowledge. As a parent, you can let your kids try and follow easy recipes which requires very simple instructions. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Recipes That You Can Make With Your Kids.

1. Ham & Pineapple Pita Pizza
The ingredients you’ll be needing for this recipe are 4 pitas, 8 ounces of sliced deli ham, 1 eight ounce can of chunky pineapples and 1 eight ounce sliced fresh mozzarella cheese. This recipe only has three simple steps which your kids will be able to follow easily. First, the oven has to be heated to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, place the pita bread on a baking sheet. Next, layer it with the main ingredients which are the pineapple chunks, ham and mozzarella. Finally, bake the pitas and take them out once they turn crispy and the mozzarella has melted which takes approximately 10 minutes.

2. Nutella & Raspberry Sandwiches
This recipe is perfect to eat for afternoon snacks. You and your kids will surely enjoy how quick and easy it is to make them. The ingredients you will be needing are 1/2 cup Nutella, 8 slices of white bread and 2 six ounce cups of fresh raspberries. There are only three steps to create these delicious sandwiches. First, spread the Nutella on 4 slices of white bread. Next, put the raspberries on top of the bread and create a sandwich using the remaining slices. Finally, cut each sandwich into 4 equal pieces.

3. Pinto Bean & Cheese Tacos
The ingredients you’ll be needing are 8 taco shells, 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese, 3/4 cup mild salsa, 1 heart of romaine lettuce and 1 fifteen ounce can of pinto beans. Begin by combining the pinto beans with the salsa in a small microwavable bowl. Then, put it inside the microwave for 2 minutes. Next, cut the lettuce into bite sized pieces. Finally, place the bean mixture into each of the taco shells. For toppings, you can put the cheddar cheese and lettuce together with any remaining salsa.

4. Chocolate Banana Sundae
For this delicious dessert recipe, all you’ll be needing are 4 small bananas, 1/4 cup chocolate sauce, 1 pint of vanilla ice cream and 1/4 cup of sweetened shredded coconut. First, peel the bananas and cut them into small slices. Then, scoop the vanilla ice cream into a small bowl. Next, put the bananas into the bowl and sprinkle the shredded coconut on top. Finally, add the chocolate sauce to make it even more scrumptious.

5. Yogurt Parfait with Crumbled Gingersnaps
This is recipe is a healthier option compared to regular desserts such as cakes and ice cream. You will be needing 4 six ounce containers of vanilla or plain yogurt, 2 tablespoons of honey and 8 gingersnaps. First, spoon two containers of yogurt and put them into four glasses. Then, crumble four cookies on top of the yogurt. Next, put the two remaining yogurt containers into the glass. Take the remaining cookies and crumble it on top. To complete the recipe, drizzle it with honey.


7 Easy Desserts Recipes


When it comes to food then none of us want to make any compromise. People say that we eat to live but I live to eat. We all love food as it satisfies the hunger of our tummy and also make us feel good. A good food can change your mood. And when we are talking about desserts then there is no doubt that no matter how full our stomach is we can still eat more. Don’t you think desserts are your first love? When you already had a delicious dinner and then surprisingly your mother brings dessert on the dinner table at that moment you feel on top of the world.

We can always have desserts which are bought from outside but you cannot deny the fact that none of the ordered dessert taste as good as the home made one. Desserts when made at home get even sweeter and tastier. And believe me making desserts is not as difficult as it seems to us. We all love to eat desserts so it is better to learn how to make it. We will learn about 7 easy dessert recipes in this article. And now you will get to know that desserts are so easy to cook.We all love dark chocolate as you just cannot keep yourself away from it. One of the most popular desserts is Dark chocolate Salted Oreo Pie which is very easy to make and people are trying very hard to get over this pie. When someone asks us to have an apple pie then we just cannot say no as it is so very delicious. And you must be very glad to know that the recipe of apple pie is so easy. If you wish to make an apple pie at home for your loved ones then do not worry as it is a simple three step process. The other two desserts which are worth cheating are Rabri and Phirni.

There are summer desserts and best thing about these desserts is that you do not even need an oven to make these desserts. The most loved recipe is of Ice-cream Sandwich Sundae Icebox Cake which is very simple to make in few quick steps. Another dessert which adores us all is Strawberry Shortcake Ice cream, believe me you just cannot put your hands off it as it is just like love at first sight. It is a very small recipe which can be easily made at home. Most of us love Oreo and there is another easy dessert recipe you can make by using Oreo. This recipe is Oreo Brownies and they are the best brownies you will ever eat in your life.

Now you can make your loved ones feel special by trying these easy to make dessert recipes at home. And believe me they will be so very happy to eat these desserts. We know the value of little things so now every tiny victory can be celebrated at home with the help of these dessert recipes. Try your hands on these quick and easy dessert recipes and show them that you care.


Top 5 Recipes with Coffee as Main Ingredients

No doubt, coffee is a great beverage, whether it’s giving you that extra boost to put in a few extra hours at work, or just genuinely keeping you refreshed and cozy. But did you know that coffee is one of the most desirable ingredients around? One proof is mocha; a perfectly perfect blend of chocolate and coffee that offers a taste that is out of this world, literally. That’s just one example. The simple truth is that, coffee is a great additive as an ingredient and its natural richness of roasted bitterness and acidity is an ideal complement to the sweet, earthy and nutty taste of others. Together, they make up excellent recipes that everyone only deems as exotic. Here are the top 5 recipes with coffee as main ingredients. If you are a coffee lover and in need of the best coffee machine for personal or for commercial use, you can check some of the best product reviewed here or check out coffeeonfleek.com.

Jamaican Coffee brownies served with pecans

Easy to prepare and a nice treat for a relaxing afternoon, these brownies have been known to offer a rich taste of chocolate. This is made possible by a unique mix of Jamaican coffee and toasted pecans that also add a sweet crunch to the dish. Note, its Jamaican coffee used here, not just any type of coffee reason being that Jamaican coffee has a less bitter taste as compared to others. This only makes the brownies all the more yummy and satisfying.

Coffee-Rubbed Cheeseburgers with Texas Barbecue Sauce

According to most reviews, nothing trumps over cheeseburgers, with special emphasis to this one right here. Most especially, the addition of coffee to it, is what makes it all the more mouthwatering and irresistible. More so, coffee that is freshly ground has the unnerving capability to bring out the taste of the rub spice in the burger including all of its herbal flavors. In addition, it subtly adds texture to the burger as a whole.

Short Ribs Braised in Coffee Ancho Chile Sauce

This particular recipe is used by professional chefs to infuse the rich natural taste of chiles with short ribs, or even fillet beef using the derived flavor of roasted coffee. A whole new taste dimension is obtained and the succulent nature of beef is still maintained. If you take this and serve it with (or over) polenta, then you are in for a nice treat.

Mocha (Affogato)

More often than not, coffee is desirable when it’s hot and steamy, but other variants like affogato mocha, give you an option to explore the other side of that coin; ice cold coffee. Not exactly ice cold coffee, though, because affogato mocha is a cocktail version of coffee. Actually, affogato as par Italian reference is a sort of ice cream, and for this particular variant (affogato mocha) to be realized, affogato is mixed with excess espresso to give you a sweet creamy taste.

Short ribs marinated with coffee

A meat-coffee combo is not as strange as you’d expect, since first of all, coffee has an acidic flavor. Therefore, if you have some beef or ribs with it, the dish is naturally enjoyable. However, coffee is preferably sweetened with a bit of maple syrup to make it a bit sweet, but that’s not the only reason. Coffee and maple syrup, combine into a sauce, which is tasty and perfect for meat.

There you go, top 5 recipes with coffee as main ingredients. All of these recipes (and others) are all the more worthwhile when you have some wine on the side, so pick up a proper bottle and enjoy.