What to Eat Before Doing Rowing Exercises


Using a rowing machine uses up many calories in your body. If you do not plan your rowing exercise well, you may experience extreme health conditions such as dehydration. Eating wrong food will cause you to puke during your exercise. The food you eat immediately before going for an exercise with a rowing machine affects you. Other foods you ate long ago have little impact. However, you should not despise them. Here is a comprehensive list of the best foods you should eat before doing rowing machine exercise.

Rice is rich in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates provide your body with the much-needed calories. Eat rice many hours before your rowing exercise, preferably the night before. Digestion and formation of calories from the rice you ate take time. Eating carbohydrates immediately before your rowing exercise is pointless. Cook your rice well. Use a recipe book from a trusted nutritionist. Overcooking may affect the nutritional value of your food. Undercooking may bring you stomach problems. Rice is a good carbohydrate choice. Unlike many other foods rich in carbohydrates, rice is light in your stomach. Rice does well to people who experience bulkiness in their stomach after eating food rich in starch. That is why rice is one of the best choices of foods to eat before going for a rowing exercise.

A favorite of children, cereals that are low in fiber are good when eaten a few hours before your rowing exercise. Cornflakes mixed with low-fat milk or yogurt are a good breakfast option on the day you intend to engage in a rowing exercise. However, your personal nutritionist should advise you on the right quantity to take. Low fiber and fat foods keep your stomach comfortable. At the same time, they add up to your energy supply. Remember not all cereals are low in fiber. Eating wrong cereals brings catastrophic results. Your stomach may feel bulky.

Fruit Salad
Fruits are a good source of strength when eaten at least an hour before your exercise. Dry fruits are much better than normal fruits. Avoid any kind of fruits that cause pain to your stomach. You may add low-fat yogurt to your fruit salad.

Energy drinks
For athletes who have a problem taking solid food before an exercise, they should consider taking energy drinks as an alternative. Drinks rich in carbohydrates provide calories needed during the strenuous activity. A sports dietician should recommend the best energy drinks for you. Some drinks claim to be nutritional but they are not. Manufactured drinks are risky. Another advantage of taking drinks rich in carbohydrates before a rowing exercise is that you will remain hydrated. Rowing exercise causes you to sweat leading to a huge loss of body fluids at home. During breaks, taking more fluids is necessary to keep you hydrated. Your exercising spot should be away from the direct sun if possible to minimize the risk of dehydration. Before going for an exercise using a rowing machine, consider your diet. Consult a specialist who understands your health condition to recommend a healthy diet for you. Dehydration is the biggest threat to you.

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